Who we are

De Maldé: a passionate wine

We are De Maldè: Paola (the soul), Nicola (the wine), Elena (The Kindness). Needless to say, here at De Maldé, women run the show!

Since starting our journey through the spellbinding world of wine, we have always believed that “there is nothing better than a sparkling wine to celebrate and amaze”.

And so the idea of a passionate wine was born: always new like a fashion or design, or the seasons…
De Maldé is the first wine made in Franciacorta to enjoy not only with your palate, but also with your eyes and intellect.


Our aim is

For our bottles to decorate tables with taste. They could complement anything from rose peonies to a bucket full of scarlet cherries.

  • To add a touch of glamour and irony to our lives.
  • For De Maldé to be a gift that creates happiness and good times.
  • To be amused and entertained by our wine.
  • To provide a high-quality Franciacorta for every festive occasion.
  • To enchant and astonish… because passion is the salt of life.

Fantasy, irony and amazement!

Sliver colorate e stampate con decori geometrico-floreali sono state solo il primo esperimento.

Our coloured labels, printed with floral and geometrical patterns, were just the start of our experiments.

The new designs for the Fran sècc bottles will soon be available. We are also planning a limited edition series, with labels made from technical textiles.

Every year there will be a new set of six-bottle collections. We will be inspired by the latest trends in colour, design and literature, in order to create original wineskin bottle bags.

Stay tuned!